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AMBITIOUS CHILDREN APTITUDE TEST(ACAT) is established as an Educational skills development program, managed by Domain Experts in Educational sector. Competitive exams in India help build self-confidence and foster skills. They also boost the ability to think independently and reason logically. Various competitive exams (or call them talent search exams) are meant to test students‘ academic competence in different subjects. Some of these exams also help students know their areas of strength, while some are general in nature (not specific to a subject). We conduct the examinations at school level and we announce school toppers and class toppers with the prize money.

The dynamic learning environment of the school enables the students to connect with the world beyond the school. The competitive examinations at school level facilitate rapid changes in the thinking pattern of children in terms of how they view the outside world which, in turn, help them to better understand latest educational trends. Considering all the situations, keeping in mind stiff competition out there, we constantly strive to improve students’ skills with the help of various specially-designed examinations to set highest standards in them.

As the demands of the society changed, its culture changed, and consequently its educational practices. There is no doubt that education is the secret key of human success and the roots of education lie in competition. Today, competitive exams sit at the core of the Indian education system. The gateways to some of the best courses and institutes in the country, they are indeed an unbiased way of choosing worthy applicants without the risk of peddling, favoritism or cultural influences. Considering all the situations we are planning to improve the student’s skills with the help of various examinations.

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